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Group Benefits for the Wellbeing of Your Business and its Employees

Many group benefit health insurance programs require 70% participation. What does that mean for you, the business owner, manager, or implementor? It means you’ll want to choose an insurance company and plan that’s affordable for you and attractive to your employees.

Let our seasoned insurance professionals guide you through the process of choosing group benefits for your most valuable business assets—your people.

Let’s Discuss Group Benefits
<sup>Improve Employee Retention</sup> with Group Insurance Benefits

Improve Employee Retention with Group Insurance Benefits

Health insurance has been a hot topic in recent years because affordable plans are becoming more and more difficult to access. But you can use that state of affairs to make your business even more attractive to top prospects and long-time, valued employees.

The most talented candidates for employment will have many options. What will set your business apart? Salary? Location? Opportunities for advancement? Travel?

When all else is equal, the health insurance benefits your company offers to its employees could mean the difference between getting top talent and losing it.

Let’s talk about how group benefits can set you apart as a sought-after employer.

More Advantages of Offering Health Insurance to Employees

Employee attraction and retention are just two advantages of offering group health insurance.

Your decision to do so will also…

  • Reduce time off because employees are healthier.
  • Provide a wider network for even better health.
  • Afford tax minimization advantages for the business owner.
  • Allow employees to pay premiums pre-tax.
  • Reduce health insurance costs for your employees.

Do you want to experience the perks of offering group benefits to your employees? Let’s schedule a consultation to discuss all of your options.

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